Do you have a TAV Creations designed outfit in your closet?

Did I make you an amazing outfit for dance? An evening event? Your wedding?

Why do I ask?

In April 2014, at the upcoming Eurikadance Dancers’ Bazaar, she is planning to have a fashion show featuring pieces by participating vendors/exhibitors.
And while I do have a few small pieces for sale, and will probably make at leafs a few more pieces for the event, my main love has always been the custom work. And I’ve had the chance to make some amazing clients some amazing pieces!
And many of these pieces come out once every few years, if that.
What I am hoping to have happen is that a few of my past/present clients would be willing to ideally model one of her great ensembles we’ve co-created, at the April 6th event.  This will help me showcase the custom work I have done and am happily continuing to do with sparkly creative results!

If you are open to this idea:

1- I would prefer a head-to-toe TAV Creations original – something we designed together and I made the entire thing, besides any obvious accessories such as jewelry/shoes.  It can be a dance costume, a bridal piece, evening gown.

2- You are available to model the outfit during the afternoon event on April 6 – time to be determined OR
2A- You are okay with the outfit begin loaned and modelled by someone else for the show.

If you are interested/ open to this idea, please message me at or on Facebook or on Twitter.

Thanks for the consideration!