Virtual Sewing Lessons

Well, I’ve tested the waters and it seems to work so I feel I can offer this service now…


via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype.

do you want to :

  • learn how to better work your own sewing machine?
  • learn to hem pants and do minor repairs on your own clothing?
  • learn how to use a pattern and make a project?
  • have other specific ideas as to what you want to learn and cannot find a class?

Whether it’s a one time class of 1-3 hours or a weekly booking, if we can find a good time to connect, we can do this.

If you are on your own, or have up to 4 other sewists in the making, < one of you will organize the rest of the crew and be my liaison>, the rate is $45 /hour.

So reach out and let me know what you are looking for and let’s get you sewing!  email me:

IN the meantime – do feel free to check out my existing online videos where I show some basic stuff!

Adjust the curve to even things out