TAV Custom Sewing/Couture

Custom Sewing/Couture:

TAV Creations specializes in custom designed garments. Working with the client’s ideas, preferences of style, and figure type, we co-create specifically designed and fitted clothing. The process involves attention to details, planning with flexability, and enough fittings to ensure the best look.

The Consultation:

A consultation sets the stage for the journey of having a garment custom made. Ideas are presented, fabric options discussed, and an estimate will be given in a relaxed atmosphere. The appointment is set up to allow lots of time to cover as much information as we can and get a good feeling for how to proceed. If a potential client chooses to go ahead with TAV Creations, measurements are taken and the next appointment is set. At this time, TAV Creations does not stock fabric but we do have a list of stores that provide wonderful sources of supplies. At the client’s request, I can also accompany a shopping trip to any fabric store to help choose appropriate supplies for the project.

The Muslin:

Any good seamstress/designer knows that a muslin copy of the most important parts of a garment is a pre-requisite for starting any project. This copy is used to create a pattern that will accurately fit the body and minor design factors can be determined during this fitting. For this fitting, it is recommended to bring or wear any undergarments that may affect the fit of the final garment – esp.bra.

The First fitting:

After the muslin has been fitted and any major changes verified, the first fitting will take place in the garment’s actual fabric. Due to the nature of many fabrics, the garment at this point is sewn together by hand to minimize dammage to the fibres. Obviously during this fitting, the garment is pinned and marked for fit, neckline level, and any other pertinent observations. Again, the bra and any other undergarments should be worn.

Other Fittings:

There may be as few as one more fitting or as many as five more fittings, depending on the nature of the design, garment, fabric,etc. During subsequent fittings, the undergarments to be worn with the final ensemble arer required to maintain a consistent fit and look. The shoes to be worn with the outfit should be brought to at least the final fitting. If they are of an extreme height, this should be stated at the consultation.

Pick-up Day:

The garment is ready to be picked up on a date set early on in the project. This allows the client to have their garment as much in advance of a desired date as they wish. At the pick-up appointment, the client will usually try the garment on one last time to ensure everything is ready to go. At that time, if any adjustments need to be made, they will be completed in a timely fashion. Usually everything has already been verified and the garment is bagged on a hanger. At this time, any final payments are paid.

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