Secret Stash Supplies


Over the years, I – like many folk who sew- I have garnered many a lovely item, and at this time, I am hoping that there are new homes out there looking for “just the thing”!

My intention is to make supplies accessible, so this is a “pay-what-you-can” system.  So while I hope to recoup  costs, I’ll entertain consider any amount.

I’ll post photos and the occasional description, and if you are interested in more info about the item, Email  ME  with the item number or a screen shot and we can talk!

If you are in the Ottawa area and interested in a low/ no -contact meeting to look at the item in person, we can set up an appointment at my studio for that.

If you are out of the area and need it shipped to you, that’s fine, and the shipping costs will be determined as we go.

I can accept PayPal, e-transfer and cash and visa/MC in person.

  • No returns
  • shipping costs will be rounded up for ease and all must be paid in advance of shipping

So check out these items and I’ll add more as I have time and I hope you find the right thing for your upcoming project!


Bias trim by the roll – pre cut in silk or polyester, sizes shown with ruler

Sequins – by the bag or roll

Fringe – older stock so the threads may need some TLC

RANDOM MIXES – A mere sampling of some of the loose / smaller bits – sequins, coins, beads, trims – in small amounts, so they can go in a mix, or a colour combo – just some ideas…

Tulle and Crinoline – photos do not do them justice – and again- it’s pay what you can – values just for a guide…

Sashes and cummerbunds and belts all 2-3m long

Synthetic satins and sheers

SILKS! More to come…

Fully made crinolines

Stretches and glitterati

Rhinestones and beaded appliques

Lace straps and overlays 

Lace Appliques

Silk flowers – headbands or use as you wish!