Eco-TAVSquarishLogoEco-TAV represents the specifically eco-friendly adventures of TAV Creations, an Ottawa based sewing and design company owned and operated by Tracey Vibert.

Embarked upon in the fall of 2008, Tracey began by creating a line of reclaimed textiles tech bags as well as hemp and organic cotton food bags.

The Eco-TAV Mission Statement:

Eco-TAV wants to help bring good energy to the planet by creating useful and practical solutions that help us return to a simpler way of life while embracing the modern benefits that touch our daily lives as urban dwellers and citizens of the planet.

It depends on your personality, your own personal journey, and maybe what gives you a good feeling! We all make choices based on our comfort zones, ideals, and beliefs. Some choices are easier to make than others, and Eco-Tav embraces all levels of commitment, for whatever reason you may choose to take a step towards improvements.

By offering products in sustainable hemp,and natural fibers, this is an investment in supporting crops that will help return global farming to more acceptable practices.

By offering products in reclaimed textiles that would otherwise potentially become part of the landfill, TAV Creations continues to create elegant gowns in natural and synthetic textiles desired by those clients knowing that the Eco-TAV division will not waste a single scrap!

You can find her food bags here, and keep an eye on the blog for updates when new batches of the EcoTAV Artisan lines of reclaimed textile bags come out!

Prior to these creative endeavours, Tracey has always offered clothing renovation services and the occasional alterations, more ways to make your pieces last!