TAV Masks – Made to Order!

UPDATED with every Fabric change!

To order – please choose:
1-your style number
2-outer fabric
3- size
then  email me – Tracey@tav-creations.com

Payment options can be e-transfer, PayPal or credit card – we can chat!


I have TAV-i-fied an earlier pattern I had created, in order to have a mask that I am comfortable wearing and happy to make available to my many fabulous past clients and new ones!

I am approaching the making of TAVMasks through TAV Creations the same way, I do almost everything – custom order, bespoke, beautiful fabrics and unique options.

I am offering 2* styles, with 2 variations – so scroll down to see Style 1* and Style 2, and Style 3 with the Elastic or Tie options for either.

They are both created with 2 layers to start:

outer fabric – scroll down for your choices which are updated often.

lining- natural colour 100% organic cotton or upon request burgundy cotton/hemp blend

FILTER Options – more details below: 

Style 2 –  add your own filter, < washable TAVMASK filters now available>

-Style 3 – triple layer with sewn in polypropylene


Shipping by Canada Post is available- it averages $2/ mask regular post; expedited can run $10-$15.

Ottawa folk: no-contact drop off/ pick ups are possible.

Back to the masks….

I’ve designed the #TAVMask based on the standard surgical mask shape, and in order to fit more securely over the nose area, I wanted to include a way for you to add wire if you want it.

I created an accessible channel of fabric along the upper edge on the inside of the mask, through which you can insert your own wire. On Style 1< Now Style 3> it is hidden, on Style 2 it is on there inside side of the mask.

Where do you get wire?!?

  • Twist ties from garbage bags are working great
  • twist ties from gardening supplies;
  • coffee in bags with a roll over closure that uses a double wire in plastic or paper, you can even cut that in two!
  • Also found on cookie bags
  • opened out paper clips can work too!
  • Had to use a disposable mask? Remove the nose piece from it!!!!

When you wash your mask – either by hand with soapy water after each adventure outside, or with your laundry, you remove the inserted wire – and keep it somewhere safe, reinserting when your mask is dry and ready to be used again.

Two openings have been sewn along the upper edge of the TAVMask creating a fully finished channel to insert your optional wire. This shows the Style #1E TAVMask
This is the channel for the Style #2 TAVMask

Choose your Style:

Style #1: <. Discontinued
If you purchased a style 1E or 1T from me in the past few months, I have developed a filter pocket to insert< click to view> into the 2 layer TAVMask or any 2 layer mask, and you can insert your own disposable or washable filter into the insert.

Style #2

Two layers sewn to create a pouch for you to insert a filter of your choice*. Completely finished inside the pouch for durability, with the hidden wire channel along the upper inside edge.  The pouch opens up with the pleats expanding and settle against your face comfortably.

#2E-Pouch Style mask with inner Wire Channel   elastic loops : $20 each
 2 layers with a channel to insert a twist tie or piece of wire so that is can be removed for washing  and an opening large enough to slip an extra filter type layer of your choice< *1 TAVMask flat washable filter insert < see below> provided per order, extras available for order>

Style 2E – TAVMask with pouch opening for filter and wire channel.
The inside of the Style 2 TAVMask is fully finished to extend its life with regular inserting and removing of your choice of filter.

#2T -Pouch Style TAVMask with Wire Channel -fabric ties:  $25 each.

2 layers with a channel to insert a twist tie or piece of wire so that is can be removed for washing . < not provided, garbage bag twist ties are perfect> and an opening large enough to slip an extra filter type layer of your choice in< 1 TAVMask flat washable filter insert provided per order, extras available for order> with fabric ties.


TAVMask Filter Options now available:

  • Flat Washable Filter Insert $4 each , 3 layer filter sandwich – two layers of organic cotton sateen with a layer of polypropylene sewn securely in between.  While designed for Style 2 masks, can be simply work between a 2 layer mask and your face.
  • Shaped Filter Insert $8 each,  lined with organic cotton, with sewn in polypropylene  filter layer.

Filters add an extra layer of protection against COVID-19 by trapping small infectious particles. Consider wearing a mask that includes a filter or filter material as one of its layers, such as:

  • non-woven polypropylene fabric, which can be found as:
    • a craft fabric
    • the non-woven fabric that’s used to make some reusable shopping bags
  • a disposable filter inserted into a pocket on the mask

Reusable masks with a non-woven filter layer should be washed daily, and can be washed multiple times. Disposable filters should be changed daily or as directed by the manufacturer.

Also see this article suggesting that dry baby wipes are a good option as a disposable filter: https://news.ubc.ca/2020/09/09/ubc-researchers-run-tests-to-find-best-materials-and-styles-for-face-masks/


Triple layer mask made with your choice of outer fabric < see below>, a middle layer of polypropylene*, shaped and pleated mask with the hidden wire channel along the upper inside edge. Completely closed style, so no worries about where that filter is!  Lined with Organic cotton sateen or by request, burgundy hemp/ cotton blend.

#3E- TAVMask with hidden Wire Channel –  elastic loops < white or black to match as nicely as possible>: $15 each

Style 3E – note the two breaks in the stitching along the edge, this is the access for the hidden wire channel in the TAVMask.

#3T- TAVMask with hidden Wire Channel –fabric ties matching as closely or complementary as possible $20 each

Style 3T

The Polypropylene sewn-in filter layer in Style 3:

The I-LINE 150 is a 1.5 oz Polypropylene made from spun bonded fibres. The Spun Bond makes the product washable, but it still should only be washed in cold and air dried. No hot dryer

The I-line is very good at filtering droplets. The government tested several Polypropylene products andI-L-LINE 150 rated the highest at filtering droplets (for non-medical materials).


Choose your FABRICS < updated often>

I have sourced cottons from a few different places, mainly  Ottawa based artisans who are creating original prints.

These shades are available :

Cotton Broadcloths:


55% hemp/45% organic Cotton :

Organic Cotton Sateen :

 Organic Cotton Sateen sheeting: in solid off white, and scroll down to see the HAND DYED options in the SHIBORI BOREALIS collection!  This organic cotton is tightly woven and lighter weight for summer…
WEIGHT: 3.8 oz. / 120gsm; 320 thread count 60s x 60s

NOTE: This is now what I am using to line the TAVMasks; the fabric against the face has always been soft and comfortable, and it is lighter now!

Also to Note: if you feel you prefer a thicker/ stiffer lining, that will help keep the mask further away from the mouth, I can use the burgundy organic cotton/ hemp blend fabric

Prime Artisan Prints by ArtyChick:

These are the fun cotton prints I was able to purchase from a local fabric designer! If you want a specific one please refer to the letter on the print image:

Secret Stash fabrics:

The Shibori Borealis Collection :

Tie dyed 100% cotton pieces – limited edition prints!

These are gorgeous silk/ pineapple fibre blended pieces are apparently quite durable – I would still suggest HAND WASH  – but according to Shibori Borealis they can take a bit of abuse….


yes – seriously….I received a very limited quantity of Laura Ashley cottons… order yours now!


Choose your Size!!

NOTE: see photo below – between small and standard – > MidSmall!

Small, Standard and Large size options!

Standard size – fits most people as shown :

That’s me – on a morning walk and squinting into the camera!

Measures approximately 17 cm/ 7 inches across the top, and the pleats open in the centre line as needed – reaching about 17cm/7 inches.



NEW: MidSmall:

Between the Standard and the original Small:
Measures approximately 16.5cm/ 6.75 inches across the top and 16cm/6.5 inches vertical when fully open.

Small – children and folk with smaller faces :

Aria – #TavMaskateer wearing size small!

Measures approximately 14 cm/ 5.75 inches across the top, and the pleats open in the centre line as needed – reaching about  13cm/5.25 inches.






 LARGE –This size works for slightly bearded folk, and folk who have a larger head :

Large measures approximately 20 cm/ 8 inches across the top, and the pleats open in the centre line as needed – reaching about 25cm/10 inches.

When you get your mask:

  • gently hand wash your mask when you receive it, with soap.
  • There may be some colour flow/ dye run off depending on the fabric, so if that happens, add a small amount of salt or vinegar to some water and let sit soak for about 30 minutes. Then rinse well and toss it in the dryer or let air dry.
  • You can also give it a quick iron on low heat to finish off the drying and cook it a bit  – but don’t burn it!
  •  We wash our masks after every use. With mostly staying at home, we manage quite well with one mask each.

I am careful while making your mask to wear a mask myself and my space and hands are washed constantly, but it is important to clean the mask before wearing in your own safe space.

Looking for a larger quantity of TAVMasks for your wedding or group?

This summer I was pleased to be able top provide a #BridalBundle of  TAVMasks for one of my bridal clients, using her wedding colours and providing custom dyed organic cotton Sateen for her order.  She provided the nose wires and extenders for her guests to ensure their comfort!

Bridal Bundle – Masks made to Order