Alterations? yes…I’ve been making and altering clothing since I was 12.

  • Bridal and special occasion garments
  • business attire- hemming pants, taking in jackets
  • resizing of quality garments

Whether it’s hemming bridal gowns and bridal party dresses, to adjusting bodices to make them fit better for that special day, I’ve done it all, and if I haven’t, I’ll figure it out.

Perhaps you have some classic pieces of clothing that are in good shape but you’ve changed size. I can help there too.

The best option is always to let me see the garment in person, and we can arrange a no-obligation consultation that is mutually convenient. I’ll take a look at the piece and how it fits you and then how it’s made to give you an estimate. Then you decide.

For alterations, if we are proceeding  there are usually a minimum of 3 appointments, more if needed and that is determined once I look at the dress and see how much work can be done for each stage.

1st is the aforementioned consultation to meet and discuss possible work;

2nd appointment is the first fitting, for which some preparation work is done and checked before continuing into next stages/ finishing.

3rd and further fittings; progressing through the fit and adjustments is a process, as every step affects the following, so as long as you stay the same size throughout, the multiple fittings ensure the end result will be the best possible fit and look.

Always remember that adjustments are done to the best of my ability, working within the parameters of the existing fabric and design and your body.  I do try to make sure you can sit and move, and finding the balance between a well fitted garment and having some ease for comfort is always the key.


It depends:
How much in advance of your event do you want your dress?
How often are you available for the fittings?
Assuming 1 week between each fitting, and minimum of 3 appointments approximately 1 month can work for completing the work.
Ideally, the first consultation should take place a minimum of 8 weeks before your event, but I can offer a limited selection of “SAME DAY alterations” and some variance to the timeline depending on the amount of work that needs to be done and how busy my schedule is already.


Payment is due at final pick up, though “pay as you go” is fine if that is better for your budget.

Payment options are: cash, Visa, MC, email interac, and paypal.  HST is applied and indicated to all final totals.


I have a very relaxed home studio where I see clients by appointment. It is located on St. Andrew Street, east off King Edward and can book clients on Fridays and some Saturdays- 11:00 am to 5 p.m. Evening appointments are available on rare occasion!

 It is  Scent Free, so please keep that in mind; and I do have a small dog at my home studio, but she stays out of the sewing!

Let me know some specific day and time options and I confirm what works for my schedule.

Email works best so I can refer to it and keep the details in one place.



My workspace is a small area where you will both change in and have the fitting.  It is on the middle floor of a 2.5 story walk-up, so if your dress is heavy, please let me know and I’ll meet you!

As it is a very cozy space, you are welcome to use my wifi to include anyone you like key video call.

Appointments are booked for 15  minutes maximum and usually only take about 10-15 minutes.  If you can, please arrive wearing any undergarments you plan to wear with the garment.

Please note: due to allergies resulting in respiratory reactions:

  • No perfumes/scented items
  • No fabrics or clothing with smoke residue
  • No fabric softeners or freshly dry cleaned items.

Thanks-  it will ensure I can actually serve you to the best of my ability.

Contact me if you have any question or would like to book an appointment!