Same Day Alterations

You’ve bought your dress, it’s almost perfect, there are just some adjustments to do but you have a full time job, responsibilities at home and a crazy life. 

Would getting the adjustments done in one day work for you?

TAV Creations has been offering “Same Day Alterations” for years, and here’s how it works:

Email me -here – so it’s handy 🙂

To get things started, we can chat in email.  You can send me pics of you in the dress, and I can give you a general quote for hemming, some body adjustments, bustle numbers etc.

Those numbers may need adjusting when I see you in person.  

If you are comfortable with the general estimate, we book a full day for the process.  Usually, I’ll need to see you 3-4 times, depending on what needs to be done.

Book it.

The timeline for booking your appointment should take into consideration:

  • planned size changes < bootcamp? soup diet? You are beautiful – don’t do it! But if you are doing it anyway, let’s book for when you have arrived at your size>
  • Do you have your shoes and any undergarments you are planning to wear?  The hem and shape of a fitted dress can change a lot depending on these times – make sure you’ve got them!
  • Book a day at least 1 week before the wedding in case of any complications that were not clear until I see you in the dress – those extra days give us some breathing room – just in case!
  • My studio is centrally located with free street parking, and I see clients generally Tuesdays through Saturdays 11am-5pm – but with some flexibility when looking at a same day/ condensed timeline- and please keep it scent free!

ON the DAY:

1st meeting: you and the dress in person : usually booked for early in the morning, you come to my studio with everything- dress, shoes, undergarments, etc, and put it all on. I pin, poke, confirm what needs to be done and refine the estimate.  If we are good to go ahead, then we proceed with booking fittings through the rest of the day.

2nd and 3rd appointments – can be 2-3 hours apart and each visit is likely to be for 15-20 minutes so that I can check on my sewing progress, and you can confirm  the look and feel as we go along.  During these appointments, you can let me know anything that feels too tight, too loose etc.

4th appointment should be pick up, with a caveat that if there is anything that is still needing adjusting, I may need another 30 minutes for final touches.

 So in a “9 to 5 ” scenario, well,  it might be 7 to 2 or 8-3, but you get the idea, we spend one day or a condensed timeline focusing on your dress and you leave with a dress that fits!

Things to keep in mind:

  • Please be on time, and with shoes etc, to keep the process flowing smoothly.
  • The appointments will be focused on fitting the dress, without a lot of spare time for trying on jewelry, veils* etc.   While you may need to confirm those items too, the faster we get you in and out of the dress, the more time there will be at the end of the day to check out your accessories etc.  
  • The dress will be pressed as needed while I work on it, but I do not fully steam dresses.  It’s going back into the garment bag and travelling, so plan to do any final steaming once it gets where its going.
*If you need a veil < I make veils, yes>, let me know that when we are talking in email, so that I can have some samples for you to try.
So  – something to think about!  And please take a moment to check through my process here, so that you get an idea of the way I like to make sure your dress is just right for you!
Can you make me a dress in one day?  Well… 2 days maybe 3 – there’s a bit more to making dresses!