Temporary update: please note:

TAV Creations will be unavailable from August 5 to September 3 inclusive.  

I have reached my quota for the work I can successfully complete for my remaining summer availability.
If your event is in late September or later, contact me now with the date to see if I can be of assistance, and any later fall/ 2019 work, we should be fine!
Please understand I will be replying to first contact emails  sporadically through August.

IF you need help through August – I’ve complied a small list here.

TAV Creations is a custom sewing and design business operating in Ottawa, Ontario.

Owned and operated by me, Tracey Vibert, it has been in existence since 1988.

During that time, many dresses have come in through the doors as ideas in a client’s head and left as a beautiful garment to be worn with as much love as it was created.

Working with the client has always been the essence of my way of business, from the first meeting, when we discuss ideas, suggestions and body type, through subsequent fittings, during which many small details are defined to enhance the final ensemble.

Contact me to set up an appointment or with any questions you have!

Although the speciality of the house has always been bridal and evening wear, my first love has always been costumes and an expansion into dance costumes has developed since 1995. Jingly and glittery bits have always caught my eye – and isn’t life supposed to be a party?

This site has been developed to give potential new clients a peek at some of my previous work and an insight into how I do things.

Welcome to TAV-Creations.com, I hope you enjoy your visit!

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