Sewing lessons

Are you looking to learn the basics of sewing?

Or do you know the basics but need help finishing that special project?

Helping you getthrough to the end of that project is the best way I can teach sewing!  You decide what your want to work on, and we focus an hour or more on everything that will get your project to the next stage – or finished!

If you are not working on a project, then I can guide you through some of the most used techniques for basic sewing jobs and help you feel confident in starting a project when you are ready.

NOTE: for the time being, I’ll be offering my sewing lessons virtually.

If you are in the downtown area of Ottawa, I can come to your sewing space, help you get the most out of your equipment and guide you as needed in your sewing adventures.

If you prefer coming to me, I can offer the occasional time and space in my TAV Creations Studio to show you the basics, the intermediates, or the advanced.

Let’s get you sewing with private lessons:

$45/ hour plus HST.

 Contact me for more details and to check our schedules~!