A bit about Tracey of TAV Creations

Tracey slightly sarcastic head shot 2014/15
HI, I’m Tracey, designer, couturier and owner of TAV Creations.


TAV Creations evolved into being in 1988. Having spent my high school years learning to sew from my mother and grandmother, and experimenting with pattern making, draping and designing my own clothes, I had the confidence of five classmates who asked me to make their various graduation dresses during my final year.

From there I entered L’Academie des Couturiers Canadiens, in Ottawa, and began the three year Couturier program. At the end of my second year, after completing the “Fashion Designer” certification year with the mention of Magna Cum Laude, I registered TAV Creations as I had already been sewing on a small scale for friends . I spent my third year learning the extra details that can make clothing a work of art, graduating from the Couturier program Summa Cum Laude.

I was hired by Iva Dianne, the business at which I had my “work experience” during school, learning and growing as a designer, tailor, and increasing my skills at sewing, while I had a growing clientele of my own in both general garment making and bridal design.

My first love has always been costumes and I consider evening wear today’s “costumes”. I have persued this love by specializing in bridal wear, evening wear, and since 1994, belly dancing costumes. Every Halloween, I still take time to play with various costume ideas to show off at whatever party we can get to!

With decades of experience, every opportunity to help bring someone’s dream outfit to life takes me on a new creative journey.

I hope we can co-create some beautiful pieces together!