Renovations and Redesigns

Renovations and Redesigns are the height of EcoTAV Couture!

You’ve been given a beautiful dress by your : mom, aunt, cousin, close friend, ebay, etc.  and you want to wear it for your special day: wedding, prom, award ceremony, performance, etc.

But it’s not quite right…

Maybe the fit is off, maybe the style is a bit dated, maybe you just want to combine some other elements to make it your own personal piece.

Or maybe it just needs to be enhanced with something personal to you … details can make a lovely difference.

Please – contact me.

Let me help you bring your ideas to life  and up cycle that garment  into a new life.   I love the energy brought into piece when a client has ideas of what she wants and I can help make that happen!  And at a reasonable rate!

Come in for a no obligation consultation  and I’ll go through your iras with you, take a look at the starting piece and give you an estimate to help you in your decision process.


I see people by appointment only in my cozy home studio. It is a single room where you will both change in and have the fitting. If you wish to bring someone with you for a second opinion, please limit it to one person per visit, as it is a very cozy space.

Appointments are booked for 30 minutes maximum and usually only take about 15-20 minutes.

I can book clients on Tuesdays through Fridays and some Saturdays- 11:30 am to 5 p.m. Evening appointments are available on occasion!

Let me know if there’s a day/time that suits you and we’ll set it up! I may have other clients having already booked the time you want, so you can send me a few of your preferred choices and I’ll confirm which are available!

Email is best, so that is it written down where I can refer back to it.

Please note: due to allergies resulting in respiratory reactions:
No perfumes/scented items
No fabrics or clothing with smoke residue
No fabric softeners or freshly dry cleaned items.
Thanks for your understanding in advance as scent free ensure I can actually serve you to the best of my ability, but also that your clothing will remain scent free while in my care.

And finally, we have a young rescue dog, a Miniature Pinscher named Sprocket, and while she is not permitted in the sewing area, she occasionally still barks as people arrive. If you have any problems with dogs, let me know in advance, and I will make sure she is in her kennel to ensure your comfort during your appointment.

Contact me if you have any question or would like to book an appointment!