Taking a day – dental leave…

Lots of stuff going through my mind as I am taking today to fully recover from some dental work I had done yesterday.

I may get a bit descriptive in this post, so it’s okay if you choose to stop here.

The dental work itself went superbly, considering what have to be done.

I am presently sans one canine that had already undergone a root canal in 1997, but no cap. In September 2013, at a fundraiser where I was the co-chair, I sat to watch the movie we were showing with a lovely bag of popcorn and the crunch I felt was not a kernel. No pain, though, just that odd texture of broken tooth.

But with no pain, I was not worried, I did contact my dentist though and had a visit there that week. X-ray and up close and personal check up later… something should be done.

Sometimes people can ignore broken teeth – if it’s all above the gum line, nothing going into the root, etc. but I had a dark grey spot near the root, and the break had gone below my gum line.

Personal note: I am a self-employed artistic type with a stronger creative streak than business streak. I manage just fine, but I don’t have the self-discipline to pay into a monthly insurance policy to cover these types of things. So, no dental insurance.

Presented with a myriad of options:
1-save the tooth = re-root canal to get rid of the possible infection { grey spot showing in the x-ray}; cap it including gum work.
2-pull the tooth and proceed with 1 of the following options:
a- denture
b- bridge
c- implant
d- nothing.

These options have dollar signs ranging from $300 through to $4000

So, I ignored it.

Then in November, another piece broke off.

I contacted my dentist for a referral appointment to a specialist who could remove the tooth. Decision number 1.

I went for the consultation and was given a horrendous estimate including over $400 for the “laughing gas” which they found “most people need to have”.

I was not pleased.

I contacted my dentist, providing the office with full disclosure on the estimate so that they had more information when someone else might have a similar situation and after much discussion they offered to set me up for another consultation.

The second consultation had me meet with people who were much more approachable and understanding about my non insurance situation and there was only a few things that would be added to the cost, IF, they were needed at the time of extraction. This included a bone graft if I was planning on an implant in the future.

So, appointments were set and yesterday I went in for my extraction.

15 minutes late, and the first dental assistant had tendonitis, so another person would be helping, but the Dr. was totally chill and made me feel very relaxed.
Not with laughing gas.

I appreciated the warning when the second freezing needle was going in that it would “really pinch” for about 3 seconds. She counted and she was correct.

I turned on my audio book – ” The Blind Watchmaker” by Richard Dawkins – as it has successfully been putting me to sleep every time I listen to it { no offence, RD!}- and I settled in.

I have a great imagination when it comes to visualizing based on what I feel.
I could feel an instrument being wedged in between the tooth and gum in a circular motion. cool.
I am not really sure what else actually happened, but my minds eye went with a few size tests on clamps to grab hold of the tooth that was remaining above the gum line, and then she began to pull.
I figured I would help by visualizing the tooth slipping out of the gums in an easy… POP, there it went!

Less than 5 minutes of active time after the freezing had set.

And I hear, “That’s it – it came out in one piece….. and the infection came out with the tooth…. and no bone graft required.”

a bit more internal scraping to clean up and we were done.

” sorry you couldn’t get more into your book.”

I texted Tom to let him know I was done, and feeling okay, so he did not have to come out to meet me. I had also texted him to let him know when we were starting, so he was also surprised at how quickly it happened.

I came home, walking not too quickly, did everything on the information sheets – take pain killers before the freezing comes out, use an ice pack for 20 minutes on, 20minutes off.

Soft food was already prepped for my supper – and I ate well yesterday before the dentist so that I would not need a big supper.

And here I am the next day, feeling a little bit of discomfort, and only get a bit light headed if I bend forward or try to pick up something heavy.

I’ll take it easy today, and do computer work, and try to enjoy a medically prescribed day off.

Almost time for my soft food lunch!