Revisiting my Haute Couture Skillz: Covering shoes in lace

I perhaps should have done a play by play, but i’ve been having a finicky day with these puppies, so I figured since they are almost finished, I can post a pic or two, and take a break from the glue!

Couple of fun things to not – if you ever do this yourself, you can use the double sided tape found in drug stores that is used to keep blouses from gaping, straps from shifting etc, and temporarily cover a plain pair of shoes with fabric for a special matching feeling.  It will last for an evening I think, but not long term, and with these being lace, I wanted it to be secure.  So I used the double sided tape to hold the fabric in place to confirm positioning { the lace is not mirror image, so I did my best } before using highly toxic { I know, I know } glue to tack it all down permanently.

Final steps are to clear up any shaggy bits along the sole, and then glue a tiny ribbon along the inside to keep the edges all in place.


Dana's shoes covered with lace 2013



I also had the pleasure of adding organza sleeves to her strapless dress, beading the lace on the sleeves to complement the existing lace, adding more appliqués to the bodice and generally redesigning her dress.

closer view of bodice and sleeve-dana2013 Bodice of dress- Dana2013 Dana 2013 Dana 2013-3 Dana 2013-2