I am super grateful to the folks who joined me this fall/winter in being my models/co-creators/willing superheroes to showcase my skills as a designer.

This year, the nature of my “collection” is more “adventures”– #TAVCreationsAngels Assemble !

Each week I plan to focus on one of these amazing people and the character and creation we produced !


Today, let’s talk about some Sweet Sarcasm…

This sassy character will keep you guessing about her true intent, as she can be so gentle and sweet one second, then swoosh, you’ve be sliced with the sword of sarcasm she keeps hidden behind that smile…


With an evening gown to show her elegance…
And on a lighter happier note…


The design…

How amazing is this ? A  totally reversible silk jacket that has a pocket accessible in both directions?!

Sweet Sarcasm had a vision of the jacket and we could not decide which silk would work better – so we chose both!!

Worn with an evening gown or a casual matching skirt or pants, this jacket will be a staple!

Custom Reversible jacket in silk:

Labour $495

  • 3m Gold silk 
  • 3m burgundy silk
  • Two fabulous buttons

We also had some fun at the Capital Wedding Show…

Sweet Sarcasm being Sassy!
Sweet Sarcasm being …Smirky<?>


One more fun thing that we were able to enjoy at this year’s Capital Wedding Show was meeting and participating in 3DAvatar‘s booth:

You walk into their time machine and are immortalized instantly!

Head over to my Facebook page here to see the dress in 3D –