Couture Adventures 2020: Focus on “Magnificent”

I am super grateful to the folks who joined me this fall/winter in being my models/co-creators/willing superheroes to showcase my skills as a designer.

This year, the nature of my “collection” is more “adventures”– #TAVCreationsAngels Assemble !

Each week I plan to focus on one of these amazing people and the character and creation we produced !


Today, let’s talk about The Regal ” Magnificent“…

Wearing beads and sequins on silk chiffon, a glorious green colour and exuding an ageless elegance, Magnificent, AKA Queen Ivy, holds all to a higher standard.

She commands attention to the finest details in her own endeavours and expects nothing less from others. Her superpowers challenge those around her to excellence.

The Design:

Vintage silk beaded dress redesign

Labour: $260 for the second Renovation/ incarnation

This two piece gown is in its third incarnation –  having been once a dance costume < approximately in a size 18, worn by 5 feet 8 inches /173cm tall Halyma>,   and before that, it had been a two piece set with full sleeves, and a higher front neckline.

The ultimate in upcycling is keeping these vintage pieces in circulation, adjusting in ways that allow for future changes and resizing it for our Magnificent who did not fill it out –  in height or width, but it now flatters  her frame !

Worn by Halyma back in 2015 for a performance in Ottawa. Photo taken by WTL < darner>


It was adjusted for size and style once again, and tailored to make it wearable for the Downton Abby High Tea!
Magnificent judging you…
Using the fullness of the skirt to create a new design of flattering pleats in the back, this helped reduce the size as needed.


We also had some fun at the Capital Wedding Show…
Magnificent at the Capital Wedding Show…

One more fun thing that we were able to enjoy at this year’s Capital Wedding Show was meeting and participating in 3DAvatar‘s booth:

You walk into their time machine and are immortalized instantly!

Head over to my Facebook page here to see the dress in 3D –