COUTURE ADVENTURES 2020: Focus on “Blossom”

I am super grateful to the folks who joined me this fall/winter in being my models/co-creators/willing superheroes to showcase my skills as a designer.

This year, the nature of my “collection” is more “adventures”– #TAVCreationsAngels Assemble !

Each week I plan to focus on one of these amazing people and the character and creation we produced !



Today’s focus is on the Beautiful Blossom…

“Blossom”, a gentle soul whose smile radiates joy…and brings that to everyone she meets.  

She floats about as a flower dances in the breeze, with an inner strength to carry her gracefully along!

Last year, I had created this dress and was able to showcase it a bit in 2019, but was so please that “Blossom” could join me at this year’s Capital Wedding Show.

So we had some fun taking shots throughout the weekend…




One more fun thing that we were able to enjoy at this year’s Capital Wedding Show was meeting and participating in 3DAvatar‘s booth:

You walk into their time machine and are immortalized instantly!

Head over to my Tumblr page here to see the dress in 3d –