Custom Couture Adventure…UPDATED…

Seeking bridal show Booth assistants/models… < FOUND ‘EM>

Are you interested in coming on a custom couture journey?

If yes – you’ll also need to be:

  1. available for 5-7 appointments at my TAV Creations studio between mid-November and mid- December – with possible finishing the first week of January.
  2. Be available at some point over the weekend of January 12-13, 2019 to assist in my booth and model the dress for at least 1 “shift” during the Capital Wedding Show at the Shaw Centre – the dress will be on display in the booth when not being worn.
  3. Be available for a photo shoot in the dress either before the wedding show or after, for my TAV Creations website/social media etc.

What I am offering in exchange :

  1. Future Use of the completed dress in one of 2-3 concepts* made to your size, in collaboration with you, so you have some input as to what the final look will be.  Fabric would be chosen from my existing stock.  If there are extra embellishments wanted, you may choose to purchase those, and I will add them at no charge.  If you wish to own the dress, depending on which one it is, we can work that out easily too.
  2. Free entry to the Capital Wedding Show beyond your volunteer shift < timing during the weekend subject to pass availability, so that will be figured out closer to it>.
  3. Digital Copies of the photos from the photo shoot.

The  Concepts: < I’m not 100% locked into these, but they are the concepts I will start from and we’ll see what happens!>:

  1. Heavy metal/goth/dark bridal look in a dark fabric – likely a piece of Burgundy silk that I have in stock.
  2. Theatrical/steampunk/old west dress. Again, I have one that I hope to use, which is white and pale pink in lace and satin, approximately 12/14 in size, to which I would add accessories and styling -but am open to other options for this concept….I have a lovely iridescent Gold silk that could work for a new piece too…
  3. A Fun and whacky original design that might be in a classic style but alternate fabric, might be coloured, might be a basic style with some crazy fun ideas…and I am open to your thoughts!

Thanks to the ladies who have contacted me and joined the journey!  I’ll post pics later as we progress – or at the end of it all – ya know!


But come on out to the Capital Wedding Show in January 2019 to see the pieces in person!!