BTW – I’m back…

Hi again,

I’ve had some very interesting adventures over the past five years as I had wandered into a new realm of wedding dress alterations by the generous invitation of the ladies of LuxeBridal.   As I strode boldly into that world, I had to choose how much time I would have to design and create original pieces and how much time I would give to a really steady flow of work and income.

There was an ebb and flow for a while, and then in the fall of 2014, I gave myself over to that path and mainly have been working on white – so much white – pretty, sparkly white, but again, so much white.

And I did so with gratitude and an adventure seeking joy as my background in making garments that are customized both in design and fit, allow me problem solving skills that helped tackle the most interesting challenges!


The journey began to spiral around again to me returning to my natural habitat last winter as the decision to shift back into running things on my own terms was broached, and by June 1st, I had signed the lease on my 2nd studio space, and was gratefully tracking time for myself again.
The professional offices of TAV Creations

If I learned anything about working with other people, it’s to let them do some of the work once in a while to allow them the awareness of how much time things can take, and how much attention to detail I can be very OCD about – thanks to Maddy and the ever colourful Laura for the times they helped with the lace! Lisa – she knew better!

And then, mid-summer, Luxe Bridal quietly announced it’s closure and while I am still happily helping out their brides who have not yet walked down the aisle, I know I now am back onto my own track and seeking new adventures in creativity and sewing!  But does everyone else know that?

There I was yesterday having had two conversations that brought me up short.  I was asked who my favourite designer was – I don’t have one – and I babbled on about how I’m not a fashionista  < that skill lies with other folks, including one of my longtime clients who I love to see what she puts together!>. The bottom line for me is that truly, I don’t have a favourite designer.  I am inspired by the things that other designers < known or otherwise> do and use that influence to generate ideas and  fun for both my clients and myself.

The other conversation began when a client, with whom I am venturing into a new realm again, calmly said, as we booked a number of fittings in order for her new outfit to be ready for her wear date, “I guess you don’t make things from scratch as you mainly do alterations...” , presumable in reference to needing so many appointments.

And my heart broke.

I then had to explain myself. I had to justify the number of fittings I prefer to have in order to ensure all of the details are in place. I had to point out that before 5 years ago, I only occasionally did alterations and mostly MADE dresses, costumes and other exciting pieces.  But she only has known me for a couple of years, and had no way of really knowing the depths of my creative powers, because I’ve been focusing them into a very narrow beam

So I realized this morning I wanted to yell to the world –


Butterfly veil inspired this metallic taffeta set with hand beading on vest and bra with subtle hip wrap in beaded silk chiffon.
Butterfly veil inspired this metallic taffeta set with hand beading on vest and bra with subtle hip wrap in beaded silk chiffon.

So bring it on!

If you need some custom work,< or yes, I’ll still do alterations!> email me at or fill out the contact form!

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