What to do for the holidays and gift giving?

I think everyone reading this will already be part of the choir, so I won’t let this turn into a rant – I swear!

With the Bombardment having begun before Halloween was even over, and now the US has had its weekend of shopping/ feeding frenzy, which seems to affect a lot of us up here in the Great White North too, it all leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Encouraging local shopping, supporting the artisans in the area, and trying to keep from running amuck  are annual events for me and my hubby.  The entire concept of gift giving out of obligation is an incredible marketing tool – so at least if you are getting it on sale, then you are winning too right?

We don’t give gifts anymore.  Or at least in a very limited way.  If we do give something physical, it’s either a re-gift [ if I cannot use it and you can, I’m happy to pass it along any time of year – holiday time included!] or it’s a piece from a local artist or someone we know even if they are not local.

We give to charity on your behalf most of the time.  Last year, I set up the Canada Helps Eco-TAV/TAV Creations page to let our friends and family know what charities we give to.  And sometimes we let the recipient choose by giving a gift card.

Our support of the economy happens all year round, so we try to not go crazy this time of year, but sometimes a bit of crazy is fun.

This year, I’ve used some of the reclaimed textiles that have come my way to make fun little and big reusable gift bags.  Based on my classic Eco-TAV Pouch design, these bags are also french seamed with the flip top, and can be typed with your own ribbon or in the case of the smaller ones, just flipped and they’ll be fine!

I’ll be putting photos and details up on my Artisan page soon, and will figure out some sort of special offer for those purchasing the standard Eco-TAV Napkins and Pouches – if you get a set, you can have them gift wrapped in a gift bag… that kinda thing.

I do have to say that it feels a bit funky, offering a holiday special, and helping feed the beast of consumerism, but I guess I can remind myself that at least I’m encouraging folks to use re-usable stuff, not disposable… #torn

Happy Holidays … 😀

To Whet Your Appetite…