Welcome 2015 – Looking forward to new adventures

One thing that 2014 taught me was to never say never but to pay attention to the results of your choices.

I enjoyed creative freedom I haven’t had in a while, and was able to make some beautiful costumes for lovely dancers:

I was honoured to be one of 3 recipients of the Experience Asie Award for my work with towards creating a strong bellydance community in the National Capital area.



And I was able to re-habit the Queenship of Mary Community, as well as continue sewing for many of my return clients.

I also discovered I have to be OK with saying no. No is not meant to hurt others, it’s meant to take care of myself so that I can be my best when I say yes.

I have to schedule in “downtime” throughout the month, not just once  a year when we take our family holiday. Recharging once a week is important and even if I have to split it between a few days, I’ll be scheduling in my times so that I don’t overbook/ overdo.

Anxiety attacks are an interesting way for my body to tell me to stop. Fortunately, so far, they have been short-lived, only once while driving, and I am looking into reducing stress and eating better to help alleviate them, before they develop more.

And as I start 2015 with the usual mix of confirmed and potential sources of income and opportunities to be practical or creative – when things fall into place, I get to do both – I am doing my best to revisit past sources of inspiration – writing, and cooking for sure.

I also will hopefully find the time to get back into creative drawing and maybe even painting – but no pressure.

I hope that everyone finds their path in 2015 without rancour, minimal stress and kindness to themselves and others.