Videos are in – Go Vote!

The Eco-TAV Video Submission Contest has been a bit of a journey! A journey of learning for everyone who has been a part of it!  And it is not over yet!  You’ve still got time to get your video submissions in – message me if you have one in the works and need to figure out how to upload it!

Thanks to the two fabulous people who have entered their video submissions so far!  And mega thanks to the efforts on one lovely lady in Montreal who is spreading the Eco-TAV word by gifting her friends and colleagues with products and tried so hard to create a video for this contest – but technology got the best of her!  Maybe over the holidays, Jenn!

Since there are only two in so far – I know we have at least two winners already, but I’ll need help deciding who is the “BIG” winner!  That means I need your help!  Starting MONDAY, DECEMBER 14th,  I’ll be asking you to vote on your favorite by making comments on the Eco-TAV YouTube PAGE Where the videos are awaiting your comments as video responses!

You’ve got til Sunday December 13th at MIDNIGHT to get your videos in – email me {}  if you have questions!!