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Couture Adventures 2020: Focus on: The Traveller

I am super grateful to the folks who joined me this fall/winter in being my models/co-creators/willing superheroes to showcase my skills as a designer.
This year, the nature of my “collection” is more “adventures”– #TAVCreationsAngels Assemble !
Each week I plan to focus on one of these amazing people and the character and creation we produced !


Today, let’s talk about The Traveller.

Travelling through time with flare, The Traveller once was a delicate maid, with a flowing dress and gentle smile. She has evolved into a fierce no-nonsense character, with her dress evolving as well into a sharply styled jacket, and worn here with an ivory gown remade into a walking skirt, along with a lovely sleeveless blouse for the times she needs to really move!

The Design:

The Traveller  was a bridesmaid in the lovely teal satin dress many years ago. And the dress waited for a new life.

As the Downton Abby High Tea approached, and costumes were on the minds of the attendees, we had some fun deciding to use her dress to make her outfit for the tea!  

Striking a pose
Bridesmaid gown REMADE into jacket


Remake of 2 dresses into Jacket and skirt :

Labour: $945

The wedding dress used to make the skirt was one of the many donated pieces found in the TAV Creations reclaimed textiles stashes and the ensemble came together!


    • Bridesmaid dress to remake into jacket
    • Wedding dress to remake into skirt

Blouse  – sleeveless shell with ruffle collar
Labour = $90


  • .75m cotton rayon blend
  • .5m lace for ruffle




White satin wide brim hat with blue accent and lace and satin roses
Labour $280


  • 1m buckram
  • 1m wire
  • Matching satin and accessory fabric accents
Those back details….

Couture Adventures 2020: Focus on: The Whine-icorn!

I am super grateful to the folks who joined me this fall/winter in being my models/co-creators/willing superheroes to showcase my skills as a designer.
This year, the nature of my “collection” is more “adventures”– #TAVCreationsAngels Assemble !
Each week I plan to focus on one of these amazing people and the character and creation we produced !


Today, let’s talk about The Whine-icorn !

This TAV Creations Angel Superhero combines the powers of the teen and the unicorn in a tall talented soul!  


Let the teen be comfortable – bridesmaid or prom!

The Design

Prom dress/ Ball gown/ Bridesmaid dress

Labour $600

Original sketch brought to TAV Creations

Designed with the assistance of a school mate and then *organically created* in the TAV Creations Studio, this iridescent  blue textured gown is light and flows with a grounded feel.

It has the elegance of a ball gown with the flexibility to be dressed up, down or sideways with accessories and attitude.


  • Blue crinkle satin 6m
  • Interlining 1m
  • Boning 1m 

Crinoline- single layer:
Labour $45

  • pregathered/reclaimed crinoline 
  • 1.5m broadcloth

Labour $45


  • comb, 
  • horsehair, 
  • applique, 
  • satin from dress
The Whine-icorn corset back gown by TAV Creations



*organically created*: This is the way of things in my studio…  we start at an inspired point and then the creation takes on a life of its own. The client has full input throughout the process and we decide together what changes may occur from the original idea to create a highly personalized finished piece! 


And a reminder that The Whine-icorn and Zombie Dragon Girl came as a team!

Couture Journey – Winter Wonderland Coat


Winter Wonderland Coat:
Labour $350-$500

Andrea’s bridal coat represents an option to dress up an existing dress or add to a full ensemble custom concept.

The unlined jacket features some fun body flattering shaping with princess seams into pleats. The high low hem shows off the skirt while still creating a formal look.


  • Fabric 3m
  • Lace appliques – 4 pair
  • Hooks and eyes


The matching hair florals
Labour $90-$120

Made from the coat fabric to be either separately pinned into the hair or all in one piece.


“Ursula” Base Gown:
Labour unlined gown: $600-$900

Or – Adding upper bodice on existing strapless dress $150-$300

Andrea’s Ursula gown represents the possibility of adding upper bodice coverage to strapless gowns, the flattering lines of a princess style dress, and the options of having long sleeves in a slightly stretching fabric added to a solid gown.  With the added coverage, a regular bra can be worn.

Ursula – photo by Jared Young


  • Satin: 3m
  • Upper contrast fabric: 1m
  • Zipper
  • Horsehair 4m






So, here I sit, surrounded by beautiful fabrics I have collected, been given, and love them all dearly.

And I am preparing to start creating pieces for an upcoming event in early March where I will hope to sell pieces I have created and put my heart and soul into, hoping the right combination of size, style and colour will find it’s happy new owner.

But it’s completely illogical to my nature.

I co-create.

I design for my clients, working hand in hand with them to bring a shared vision to life.  They give me a starting point, some silhouettes, so colours, some concepts, and then I let my creative juices flow, drawing up ideas and offering them their options based on budget, time, and any other relevant factors.

Every piece is an original, every piece is a creation born from energy combined by two of us.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe my personally generated designs are lovely, and have great potential to be personalized by the person who purchases them, either with my help or with their own styling.

Most people don’t see  what I see. I have created pieces that I considered beautiful canvasses that can be reworked with beads or tailoring and made into completely awesome pieces. But people often only see them as too plain.

By keeping them plain, I keep them budget friendly, so that the dancer can choose how much more she wished to spend on embellishment.

all hand beaded
all hand beaded


This grey velvet became my costume, but started as a one piece baladi dress that had no beadwork.  Then I decide I would just rework it for myself – and it turned out to be my featured performance costume for my Halyma’s Bellydance DVD # 1.

In the early days of sewing for the Bazaar, I used to create pieces while thinking of specific dancers who might like them, and quite often, I was blessed with their agreement and purchase.  Since I would tend to make them in the correct size for that dancer, it worked out well.

But I started to feel like I was almost victimizing those dancers and coercing them into purchasing by using my powers for evil.

I have continued to create simple pieces, but found that, without focus on a specific dancer to inspire me, many of the pieces remain unsold.  So they will be heavily discounted at the upcoming event in hope that will find a new home.

I think I need my muses back.

So, if you come shopping on March 8th at the Dancers’ Bazaar and see something that looks like it was made for you, and it’s in your size – feel flattered – you probably inspired me 🙂


Dancers Bazaar, Sunday March 8th, 12 noon to 4 p.m., 250 McArthur, Knight’s of Columbus Hall. Free parking and free admission. Facebook event  Organizer’s website

And remember, if you actually want something custom made, that’s what I do – email me!