Presenting the #TAVMASK Pouch!

I have been making #TAVMasks for a while now, and I have been meaning to offer a reusable bag of holding or pouch for the past few weeks.

Today is the day!

Washable, and reusable, the fabric options will be varied but I will likely go with  the Burgundy Hemp/ Organic cotton for durability and sustainability.

Note: the prototype is in the natural colour, but that is no longer available < I used leftover bits>so I’ll be looking at options as we go along !

Pricing to be determined, but for now, I’ll be sending out some to testers, and if you place an order for a TAVMask this week < July 13-19>, you’ll get one included in your order!

outside of fabric mask may get contaminated when wearing…
Fold the mask to contain the foreign germs < your germs are on the inside , which is ok for you to touch> so the outside is folded together.
You can also fold the mask a second time to make it more compact or scrunch it, but keep that outer layer contained.
With the outer side of the mask fully folded onto itself, you can then slip your mask into the washable, reusable pouch, and use the loop to attach it to your bag, or wherever!
and for good measure, you can tuck your ties or elastics into the bag as well!