New Khadi line for Life Without Plastic


I’ve been happy to have connected with Chantal and Jay of from the early days of Eco-TAV. I had spoken with them when I was first getting rolling about helping them design a lunch bag, they were very early supporters of my line of Pouches and Napkins and have become my main retail partner!

My Blossom Bags were an early idea I had shown them, but was not quite what they were looking for at the time, so I created my own line of Artisan Blossom Bags, using reclaimed textiles and keeping them out of the organic fibre realm, just in case…

And this spring, Chantal and I played with the idea of creating the organic canvas line of Blossom Bags for LWP  – and you can check those out on their website here.  I was also pleased to brainstorm with her to create their line of Placemats with cutlery holder { I called them “CutleryMats”, but they have chosen more words :-D}  You should email them and tell them you think “Cutlery Mats” is a better name- hint hint!

And now, new fabric has arrived from India after much research and hunting, and this Khadi is beautiful.

Very soon, the first Khadi Blossom Bags and Cutlery Mats will be available at Life Without Plastic – so go sign up to their newsletter to find out when you can get your loved ones some Ottawa-made, environmentally -appreciative goodies for the upcoming holiday season! – and all year round!