New Art by TAV: ” All The things” by Tracey Vibert

Nothing like using wordpress itself to along your single photos into the correct layout!

Sorry – about my new art piece…

As I was preparing to get together with friends on a Sunday afternoon of creativity  – with a plan for everyone to assemble the supplies and energies to create personal multi-media pieces, I was not inspired.

I helped purchase supplies and and gathered my own bits slowly as the day approached, but I really only knew I wanted to keep it small.

TAV wall of Art

I have a wall of art already in our apartment, just outside my studio:






And I had added one more piece a few months ago:






I don’t have a lot more space to add much more art so I knew I needed to  keep it small.


I saw a video post about button tree art that  has since been taken down, but it was very inspiring. I knew buttons were not my key addition…#sequins and #beads and #rhinestones would be!

So, I chose my 4 5×7 inch mini canvas tiles and set out to painting my background.

Our Colourful Rainbow of backgrounds…



It became a rainbow of sorts…



Then I painted the tree…a heavy trunked many branched tree….

Our strong tree of life….

Then I added some faintly glittering metallic muted gold paint – that spark of life…




And then I took it home.

I found the sequins and beads I wanted to use and finished it off.

With much of my social media feed filled with stories of such amazing journeys of people from many diverse walks of life,…

this piece is my gift to the world.


Each panel is connected by that strong tree, but each shows a different potential – different colours, different degrees of sparkle, different directions of growing.

But they all fit together.

There is so much more I feel about this piece, but I am not in the right mindset to articulate it clearly.







How about this for a final thought:

Let’s embrace ” All The Things” that make us the same, that make us different, that make us unique and that bring us together.

Tracey < TAV>

Original art February 12, 2018