Looking ahead to new adventures.

As my summer break approaches,  I am winding up on the bridal work that I need to finish before I disappear briefly to give my arm a break, refresh my creative spirit and probably lie around reading .

And as always, although I am already fully booked for the first few weeks back, I am looking ahead into the mid-late fall and contemplating some fun stuff to do.


1- An open house to clear out excess fabrics, supplies, costume items etc that need to go on to live new lives instead of being packed in my storage boxes/closets etc.

hemming pants is one option for a mini workshop..

2- actively promoting my Private sewing lessons – both as “Sewing Guru” in my student’s home, as well as some project oriented mini workshops in my apartment studio for limited tiny groups.

SO keep an eye out for these activities in the fall, and if you have any questions or ideas of projects you would like to work on and need some guidance, let me know!