Introducing Eco-Tav

my new, environmentally friendly/aware product line of Take-out Textiles Products and Tech-oriented Textile Products.

As you may know, I have been sewing for most of my life, and still enjoy the creative aspect of custom work with in the bridal and dance-wear realm.  I continue to welcome new and exciting projects in my custom work, and wanted to give myself an outlet where I could simply do what came to mind of my own volition.  

Over the summer, I began seeing possibilities and potentials for creating a small line of goods that would help reduce the garbage I myself was producing with my own visits to my local coffee shop, as well as when I was “brown-bagging” it. I have been intrigued by sustainable textiles for a while as well, and sought ways to encourage their use. I have also been unable to toss out textile scraps left over from my custom sewing and found that I could create some lovely pieces with these reclaimed textiles

After some test marketing and textile research, I am ready to go!  I have, with the help of friends, colleagues and family, my first run of Eco-TAV goods ready to introduce to the marketplace online and in person this Sunday, November 16th.

I have booked myself in the Ottawa RA Centre Christmas Craft Sale for the next two Sundays:
November 16 and 23rd. If you happen to be in Ottawa, either this week or next, I invite you to come check things out in person!

We will have an online launch as well on Sunday, November 16th at . The site is in early development and I will be taking online orders via email and Paypal payments until my shopping cart system is set up – soon!

We have placed some teaser info online as well at the following sites, which you are welcome to check out today – in anticipation of tomorrow’s launch!

Thanks for your time, and even if this only gets you thinking about your environmental choices, then a good thing has been done!