Eco-TAV/TAV Creations co-hosting a Sci-Fi Fundraiser?

Whats up with that?


As hobbies go, costuming, sci-fi, fantasy and all that kinda jazz is pretty much kid’s stuff for me.  As in, I’ve had an interest in dabbling in various realms of this ilk since childhood!

I’ve always loved costumes, and where do the most original pieces get their inspiration? sci-fi and fantasy  in my world!  Historical can be fun too, but really works best when a pair of teeth are added and suddenly it’s a little bit more…fun!  Or copying characters from a show, especially when I can make it a couple costume – that’s fun too!

Cap'n and Inara

3 years ago, my hubby {@wtl on Twitter} and I began volunteering at the Ottawa Browncoats CSTS event.  A movie screening, and some great raffle prizes and more.

Last year, we moved up the food chain to be more involved with the admin crew, and this year, only 3 of the previous admin crew were able to organize the 2011 event, so we welcomed new blood and shifted gears a bit, to take it more local and outside the realm of the CSTS.

Thus the Ottawa Serenity Charity Screening was born.

And we needed to reserve the theatre with a deposit, so my business stepped up.

Darner Media, the other Gold sponsor of the financial kind, will take care of the other half.  This freed up the Bicket sales to go almost completely to the charities.



Once we had settled the booking aspect, we were so pleased to have two more Gold Sponsors come aboard as prize sponsors! and are providing much of the goodies that will be given away in the form of raffle prizes, costume contest prizes and door prizes!  We also have some serious Friends of Serenity, local businesses who are donating prizes, gift certificates, and more to also be doled out to fabulous Ottawa Browncoats!

I have only a few events during the year to which I donate time or items. I’m a small business, I want the publicity – let’s be honest here – and the good will/ good karma that comes from donating!  But it’s really important for me to be giving to events/organizations/etc. that mean something to me.  And when I can do that, I’m giving 110%.  Or more…

As “chair” of this one, it’s so good to really be working with other like-minded souls who are giving it their all and doing what they can to make it such a great event.  The generous spirit of folk who are doing something that has meaning for them is contagious!

Next year, I hope to pass the torch to one of our newest Ottawa Browncoats Crew members . He’s young, enthusiastic and full of freshly found love of Firefly/Serenity, and if he’s up to it, he’ll make the 2012 event amazing as well.  We’ll be there to help, but I’ll be happy to step back from the constant juggling of promoting this event along with my other upcoming Dancer’s Bazaar and still amidst fall weddings, and potential fall artisan shows…. it’s a lot some days!

We all find our ways of giving back, and I hope to keep finding new ways to try, experience and enjoy!  Hope you do too!

Oh and the folks we are helping with this event are indicated above: iSisters and Equality Now – go check here for more info about these two organizations!

And maybe I’ll see you Sunday!