Early morning sewing…

All my work mornings < here in the TAV Creations studio as well as at the bridal salon>  for the past few weeks I’ve been up and at it at 5:30 a.m. so I can start sewing at 6:30/7 a.m

6 a.m. morning walk before heading into work

I just could not do it today.

Yes, I have clients coming and work needs to be done and the A/C helps a lot, but not sleeping well for the past two nights has lead to a break down of the process. Heat and I do not play well together.

So this morning, I’m doing the housework I have not had time to do, with 10-12 hour shifts at the Part time job, as well as with my own work. And I’m cleaning up emails, updating web pages and a few other tech things before I with back into sewing mode.

I also am re-organizing my work schedule for the new few days to allow me those breaks I need to not go completely bonkers before I start my annual August  sabbatical.

I appreciate having work and I love my clients, and I know that taking care of me, makes me better for all around me…today’s mantra I think – maybe the mantra for the next 10 days…