Couture Journey: Fantasy Gown

Michelle’s Fantasy Gown – Full Renovation
Labour Approx $950-$1200

Michelle was one of my last amazing brides that I met through Norde Bridal in 2017.  When Erin asked me if I would be comfortable adding lights to the skirt of a dress, I was ecstatic too have the opportunity!  And when I met Michelle, I knew we were on the same page and would have a blast together!!  I will be creating a more detailed post in the future on the who process, for now – a concise overview!

Special thank you to Michelle for providing the photos, other than the cinderella carriage one – I got that at the Capital Wedding show! Isnt’ she stunning?

Michelle’s gown was purchased when she was a larger size, and while it was a good canvas for her final vision, it was NOT EXACTLY what she wanted.

The “Renovations” for her dress involved both major re-sizing and redesigning, including: taking in sides and reshaping the bustline, lowering the back neckline, lengthening the satin underskirt, adding pale pink and purple tulle to the skirt, and creating a strong 3 point bustle.

And the glorious bonus – adding 4 battery powered strips of lights  to the skirt and determining a plan for how this can work.


  • 6m tulle in each colour
  • .5m satin
  • 4 battery packs of light strips and batteries
  • Purchased Hoop skirt