Changes are a comin’

Hey all,

It’s been a while since I have posted, mainly due to having to change our server where we’ve got all this techno stuff hosted etc.

So in the meantime I’ve been doing some accounting and examining what I can continue with in regards to the Eco-TAV line.  I know these pieces are a great diea, but it’s just me.  I do the designing, sewing, marketing etc.  I am totally grateful for the few locations who have joined my adventure and sell my products through their retail locations as well, so I want to make sure I can continue with that.

Upon realizing that my time is limited, and my costs do need to be considered in the equation, I’ll be continuing with one fabric type for the napkins and pouches: the 55% Hemp/45% Cotton.  The 100% hemp is lovely, but the cost is almost double to get it, and I don’t buy fabric in large enough quantities to allow for greater discounts.

THUS PLEASE NOTE:I’ll be selling off my remaining stock of 100% hemp pieces over the next while and donating 30% of my profits to the fund-raising efforts of the Ottawa Browncoats and the Serenity/Dr.Horrible showing that will raise money for iSisters and Equality Now.

I’ll also have a booth at the Environment Week Fair on the 2nd of June 2010 at L’Esplanade Laurier Building. I will be there from 9 AM to 2 PM.

Although it is described as an “information” booth, I will have stock with me, and can process orders discretely for those interested!  Or you can still order online of course!

Okay – back to work for me!

Keep it shades of green,