SALONS: Bridal alterations- in conjunction with a salon

I am always grateful for the opportunity to work with others in the Ottawa bridal industry.

Having spent most of my design and sewing career, since 1988, working in custom bridal, on a one-on-one basis with my clients, I have developed a strong awareness of my strengths in working independently, taking the time needed to ensure the client is getting the final look and feel.

Since 2011, I have had the chance to examine a few approaches to working with bridal salons, to find the best balance, working together to best serve your brides who in turn become my clients.

The following is what I have found works for me, and I welcome you to take a look and see if this working dynamic will suit your business’s and client’s needs.

1- First meeting : 

This can be done in your shop, if your shop is in the downtown area of Ottawa, within a 10 minute bus ride or 30 minute walk of the Rideau Centre. I do not have a car, so I can only reasonably consider going to stores within that distance as both my time and yours is important .

My preference is an email introduction, and the bride simply bringing her dress to my studio.  By emailing me and the bride, you can ensure that I know you have referred her and I can keep you in the loop regarding quotes and questions as the process continues.

2- Estimate for the work needed:

There are a lot of variables that come into body alterations, and so I prefer to give a price range rather than a firm number for any given job.  I track my time, and on average, dress alterations can take from 4-6 hours to be completed, bearing in mind that each situation is different and some take 11-12 hours, some only take 1.

I usually follow a general guideline for my alterations pricing, and then adjust in the quote as needed  when I see how the dress has been made, how it fits etc.

Once an estimate is determined, I email it to the client,  and a copy of the email is also sent to you to have that information handy.

3- Subsequent fittings:

Once a bride decides to have me do the work, then she becomes a client of TAV Creations and comes to my home studio for subsequent fittings.

4- Compensation:

As the bride is now a client of TAV Creations for the alterations, I will process her payment at the time of pick up, and at that time, I will be able to send you a “Referral fee” statement, and payment of 30% of the final alterations amount paid by the client, before HST.

If you feel you would like to set up a trial run to see how things go, I am totally fine with that!   No pressure, no major commitment, working on a client by client basis is a reasonable way to see how we mesh and go from there.

Contact me and we can set something up!