Couture Journey -Steam/Theme Resize gown* with Matching Hat

Steam/Theme Resize gown* with Customized Matching Hat
Labour $600-$750

Linda’s Gown shows how a vintage dress < this is a TAV Creations piece from the mid 90s for an old west theme wedding> can be re-fit into a different size while maintaining most of the original look.

The size modifications included creating a new bodice from part of the original train, attaching it to the overskirt, creating one solid dress with straps that allow for a regular bra. The lace trim was reapplied with pearl detailing to continue the original feeling.

The over jacket was slightly modified to change up the closure in front, keeping the essence of the button detailing and changing the sleeve fit slightly, again maintaining the button closure at the wrist.

The train was re-finished at a shortened length, still detachable for dancing later.

TAV Creations Bespoke hat
Labour $150-$200

This satin top hat nods gently to the original theme of an old west wedding, while also blowing a kiss to today’s steampunk themes, and allowing for the addition of the “old/Borrowed” broach detailing.


  • 1m Fabric
  • .75 m pellon
  • 1.25m Wire
  • Russian netting – .75m

*Original Gown Bespoke to client’s taste:
Labour $2000-$2500

Strapped bodice into overskirt with bow and bustle attached;
Lace over jacket that closed in the centre front,
Detachable train.


  • Satin:4m
  • Lace: 6m
  • Buttons, zipper, pearls etc.


Couture Journey-Glam Goth Ball Gown with Bespoke Hat

Glam Goth Ball Gown with Bespoke Hat
Labour: Gown $1100 -$1500 plus Embellishment $300-$600

Jennica’s gown is a full length, mid-size skirted ball gown. The fitted bodice follows the curves down past the waist, featuring multi-spaghetti strap detailing into the embellished collar.

Ribbon embroidery and iridescent crystals are hand stitched onto the bodice and collar in an original design and can be modified based on the preferences of the client.  The side panel corseting detail allows for some flexibility of size change and the zipper opening allows for simplicity. It is worn with a strapless bra, which is suggested, but can be built in for a custom gown.

The skirt features a flat fit at the dropped waist seam, descending into organic scrunching to create texture and flow.


  • Fabric 8 m total <1m bodice plus 7m for skirt >
  • .75 m interlining
  • .75 m interfacing
  • 2m lining @150 cm
  • 1.5m lining/broadcloth
  • 12 m tulle
  • 6m crinoline < built into dress – can wear a purchased one>
  • Notions – zipper, hook and eye, thread, 4.5 m horsehair
  • Boning 3m

Matching Bespoke Hat
Labour $150-$200


  • 1m Fabric
  • .75 m pellon
  • 1.25m Wire


Couture Journey – RE-STYLE and Re-Fit

Labour $350-$450

Katheryne’s dress is an example of a re-fit and re-style option.

The original dress < made by TAV Creations in the late 90s> was slightly large and had full shoulders. With a bit of discussing, it was decided that a portrait neckline would showcase her shoulders in a more flattering style.

The original dress was the correct size, needing only minor tailoring adjustments to fit more smoothly; boning and cups were added to better support the new design.


  • Boning 3m
  • Cups
  • Elastic .5m


*Original Gown: made to Client’s taste:
Labour: Gown $1100-$1500 plus Embellishment $200-$300


  • Brocade: 2.5m
  • Lining: 2.5m
  • Chiffon: 5m
  • Beaded fringe: 2m
  • Lace trim 3.5m
  • zipper
  • Boning 3m
  • Cups
  • Elastic .5m

Couture Journey – Retro Goth-A-Billy Gown

Retro “ Goth-a Billy” Party gown
Labour $650-$800

Christina’s Dress is an original design by TAV Creations based on retro/pin-up style lines.

The fitted bodice and circular skirt flatter most figures and the full straps allow the bride to feel secure in a regular bra. 

The scrunched portrait collar adds an element of luxury and elegance, while being removable to allow for that extra freedom and versatility for later on during the festivities, or an option for future wearability.  The lace appliqué detailing connects the collar to the dress in a subtle and discrete blending.




  • Fabric total 6m < 4.5m red; 1.5m burgundy>
  • Interlining .75 m
  • Horsehair for hem 4.5m
  • Tulle for collar .75m
  • Zipper
  • Hook and eye
  • Lace appliques

Fascinator in black
– personalized with matching fabric $30-$40




Couture Journey – Winter Wonderland Coat


Winter Wonderland Coat:
Labour $350-$500

Andrea’s bridal coat represents an option to dress up an existing dress or add to a full ensemble custom concept.

The unlined jacket features some fun body flattering shaping with princess seams into pleats. The high low hem shows off the skirt while still creating a formal look.


  • Fabric 3m
  • Lace appliques – 4 pair
  • Hooks and eyes


The matching hair florals
Labour $90-$120

Made from the coat fabric to be either separately pinned into the hair or all in one piece.


“Ursula” Base Gown:
Labour unlined gown: $600-$900

Or – Adding upper bodice on existing strapless dress $150-$300

Andrea’s Ursula gown represents the possibility of adding upper bodice coverage to strapless gowns, the flattering lines of a princess style dress, and the options of having long sleeves in a slightly stretching fabric added to a solid gown.  With the added coverage, a regular bra can be worn.

Ursula – photo by Jared Young


  • Satin: 3m
  • Upper contrast fabric: 1m
  • Zipper
  • Horsehair 4m





Capital Wedding Show 2019 – what a weekend!

Thanks to all of you!

Thank you to my friends who helped me prepare for this weekend! Weeks of fittings, the photo shoots, the working the booth- every part helped create a space that was unique and fun for the brides and their crews coming through! And special note to Michelle, my bride from last year wearing her most amazing co-creation and sparkling personality – you rock!

Thank you to the brides who came with their people and stopped to chat, get more information and ask questions- there is a lot to figure out as you are planning your event, so I hope we were able to provide a bit of reassurance that yes, your dream dress is possible!

Thank you to the other vendors and businesses who were great to connect with and are open to creating a supportive system in the Ottawa area for bridal parties and beyond!

Thank you to Shelagh Mills and Steve Mills  of the Capital Wedding Show and all of their staff, as well as the Freeman staff – you folks ran a lovely show from a vendor perspective and all of your assistance and engagement along the way is amazing!

Thank you to my husband of almost 21 years for his support in the weeks leading up to and the few days in advance of it  all- his photography and tech skills help everything look amazing!

Tomorrow I will take some time to process the admin from this weekend as well as take some time to relax before starting back at it this week! Already time to get meeting new clients and get things rolling for an amazing 2019!


Couture Journey – Inspired creativity informing my 2019

In the spring of 2018, my focus shifted back to fully embracing my home studio space and re-examining my approach to how I wanted to proceed with TAV Creations.

Designing, custom sewing, bespoke gowns and accessories are all my favourite things – and while I LOVE to sew almost anything  and will welcome any creative challenge, I really wanted to get back to my first loves…




So, I posted an invitation to some of the wonderful creative souls in my world to join me on a couture adventure  and I was blessed with 5 awesome willing participants.

From November to January, we met, we chatted, we explored ideas and began the process, each of these “clients” going on their own journey with me, and finally culminating in 3 new “bespoke”/ custom garments and 2 re-designs/ re-fit ensembles.

These pieces will be on display in person at the Capital Wedding Show this weekend, and we enjoyed the fun of having photos shoots so that I could also share some great images of the dresses for those who may not make it out this weekend!


TAV Creations Studio News goes up this month too!  An occasional burst of creativity into your email box!  Sign up today – look right – and everyone who signs up by January 14th will receive a 10% off coupon for 2019 sewing!

I created these pieces as a way to showcase a few fun examples of the many different areas of design and sewing I have visited since I began sewing for clients in 1988.

There is room to adjust and personalize, and the process is an organic journey on which the client and I co-create something unique and amazing.

Booking a consultation gives us time to talk in my quiet home studio space and really explore the options together.

Thank you to the many clients who have inspired me over the years to get creative in different ways and bring their style and ideas to life!


Custom Couture Adventure…UPDATED…

Seeking bridal show Booth assistants/models… < FOUND ‘EM>

Are you interested in coming on a custom couture journey?

If yes – you’ll also need to be:

  1. available for 5-7 appointments at my TAV Creations studio between mid-November and mid- December – with possible finishing the first week of January.
  2. Be available at some point over the weekend of January 12-13, 2019 to assist in my booth and model the dress for at least 1 “shift” during the Capital Wedding Show at the Shaw Centre – the dress will be on display in the booth when not being worn.
  3. Be available for a photo shoot in the dress either before the wedding show or after, for my TAV Creations website/social media etc.

What I am offering in exchange :

  1. Future Use of the completed dress in one of 2-3 concepts* made to your size, in collaboration with you, so you have some input as to what the final look will be.  Fabric would be chosen from my existing stock.  If there are extra embellishments wanted, you may choose to purchase those, and I will add them at no charge.  If you wish to own the dress, depending on which one it is, we can work that out easily too.
  2. Free entry to the Capital Wedding Show beyond your volunteer shift < timing during the weekend subject to pass availability, so that will be figured out closer to it>.
  3. Digital Copies of the photos from the photo shoot.

The  Concepts: < I’m not 100% locked into these, but they are the concepts I will start from and we’ll see what happens!>:

  1. Heavy metal/goth/dark bridal look in a dark fabric – likely a piece of Burgundy silk that I have in stock.
  2. Theatrical/steampunk/old west dress. Again, I have one that I hope to use, which is white and pale pink in lace and satin, approximately 12/14 in size, to which I would add accessories and styling -but am open to other options for this concept….I have a lovely iridescent Gold silk that could work for a new piece too…
  3. A Fun and whacky original design that might be in a classic style but alternate fabric, might be coloured, might be a basic style with some crazy fun ideas…and I am open to your thoughts!

Thanks to the ladies who have contacted me and joined the journey!  I’ll post pics later as we progress – or at the end of it all – ya know!


But come on out to the Capital Wedding Show in January 2019 to see the pieces in person!!


Percolating on a plan…

The juxtaposition of being a highly skilled couturiere

Lace covered shoes to match dress

with over 30 years of experience and on the job training, with the strong need to create whacky fun things, sometimes puts my marketing choices in a quandry.

Add to that the recent connections I have had with 2 local bridal salons, where they provided a direct line of brides to my studio space – whether it was under their roof or under my own, and I’ve been letting my own marketing slide a bit to the back burner.


It is now fall of 2018 and I’ve made it through the heavy bridal season, and have been doing some relaxing projects of a geeky and practical nature, and I am ready to look at my plans for January 2019 – I’ve signed up to have a space at the Capital Wedding Show at the Shaw Centre, January 12, 13, 2019.



Now I want to get creative and plan out what to present!

After listening to Robert Sawyer‘s talk at Can*Con on Sunday morning, interesting questions have been brought to the forefront of my thinking.  What is the theme*?  What is the message**? It was inspiring to formulate more cohesive thoughts regarding my own creative endeavours as I listened and percolated 🙂

What is the theme* of TAV Creations?

What is the message** of TAV Creations…?

In reference to practical marketing, how do I garner the interest of folks who want interesting and outside the box dresses, which still taking care of more traditional brides –  in custom designs, re-designs/ style modifications, and alterations ?

King and Queen – White chess pieces…photo by Jared Young

I want to make every client feel the most comfortable and confident in their outfit – whether it’s cosplaying a character from a well known comic series, being the Princess for a day, or King and Queen of the chess board…


What I love about custom work, is the collaboration – working with someone who has lovely ideas, a clear vision, or a fun concept and making it happen.  It might be a quick fix, or it might take multiple visits, but it is a journey together.

Practical ideas:   I want to make 2 new pieces, modify 2 existing pieces and I want to have live models assisting in my booth at the bridal show, wearing garments I have made/adjusted specifically for them.

I’ve already had a couple of great suggestions and I am looking at numbers and timing and realize I need to get the word out there.

Stay tuned, and I’ll get a proper game plan and indicators of the bodies I would like to have available for January 12/13 weekend within the next few days!

*Theme: noun: an idea that recurs in or pervades a work of art or literature: love and honour are the pivotal themes of the Hornblower books.
**Message: noun: a significant political, social, or moral point that is being conveyed by a film, speech, etc.: a campaign to get the message about home security across.

Artisan Bags for sale…

I’ve had a couple of inquiries about the bags and while I still plan to donate a few to the upcoming Witches’ Gathering Fundraiser, they won’t all go there.

If you are interested in one of the bags below, the prices are indicated, send me an email with your address and I can confirm the shipping amounts.

Email me: