Studio Sale/ Open house – BY APPOINTMENT!

Ok – I have items that need new homes!
Instead of trying to choose a weekend date or evening date that might work for some, but not others, I will be setting up 30 minute appointments for folks to come and check things out at our mutual convenience this month!

Costume items:

TAV Creations originals
Gently used Halyma pieces < bely dance and/or Bollywood styles>
A very limited selection of items from colleagues who have just a small number of pieces they have left with me, hoping to move them along.


Jewelry – mostly costume/ dance related, some recent retro < 80’s90’s>
Other stuff as I go through things.
How it works:
EMAIL ME to book a viewing appointment:

Appointments can be made between:

  • October 1 and 29th
  • Tuesday through Saturday
  • 11am – 6pm

When you EMAIL ME for your booking, let me know a few options that will work for you within those days/ times.

Prices will be mostly by donation – cash preferred.
Some items will have set prices but I am flexible.
Partial proceeds from sales of my items will go to iSisters

Remaking my dog’s harness…

I took some time over this month, around seeing clients and working on gorgeous wedding gowns, bridesmaids and other fabulous pieces, to do some camping.

early morning on Pog Lake.

The #StudioMascot, Sprocket, of course came along with us. Her present harness, which I bought in the spring to replace her previous ones that had clips that snapped, is made from a combination of straps. All of them solid and stiff, with strong rings connecting them.

The family…

Sadly, the hard straps and her barrel chest did not work well for the 18km walk day.

Blisters developed in her “armpits” and I did not realize until we were taking the harness off of her back at camp.

She’s very stoic at times.  But the sores needed to heal.


We switched to just attaching the leash to her collar and that worked for the most part – when the mole popped onto our site, we have to wrestle with her to keep her from chasing it, but otherwise, the leash on her neck was fine for our walks. We enjoyed the remaining time on the campground and sighed deeply as we packed up to come home.

One of her old harnesses I used to re create a new one.

Back in the studio, I immediately grabbed some of her previous harnesses, which I keep in case I can use the parts. I checked  them to see what I could do to get her into a more comfortable but still functional harness.

The choice was made to use one that offered a padded chest support as a pattern and  I extended the length of it.  I used part of the original straps and added reclaimed ones that I had taken off my husband’s back pack.

Thus, I was able to create a cute denim harness that works well and won’t cause her discomfort if we go on long walk in the future.

Out for a test drive with the excess strapping still there until I confirmed it was big enough to fit her chest.
Side view shows the bit of extra at her neckline, which I darted for the finished product.
New elastic was installed into the triangle and straight spine strap from the original, and new waist strapping.
Before I darted the centre front, still was comfy. but the dart creayted just a bit better fit.


And a trip to the vet for updating her shots proved the concept of the harness fully!


Looking ahead to new adventures.

As my summer break approaches,  I am winding up on the bridal work that I need to finish before I disappear briefly to give my arm a break, refresh my creative spirit and probably lie around reading .

And as always, although I am already fully booked for the first few weeks back, I am looking ahead into the mid-late fall and contemplating some fun stuff to do.


1- An open house to clear out excess fabrics, supplies, costume items etc that need to go on to live new lives instead of being packed in my storage boxes/closets etc.

hemming pants is one option for a mini workshop..

2- actively promoting my Private sewing lessons – both as “Sewing Guru” in my student’s home, as well as some project oriented mini workshops in my apartment studio for limited tiny groups.

SO keep an eye out for these activities in the fall, and if you have any questions or ideas of projects you would like to work on and need some guidance, let me know!

Come see me at Ottawa’s first QueerSphere 2019

This is the first year for Queersphere LGBTQ+ Expo!

And I am very pleased to be taking a quick break in my bridal season sewing to be there, in booth 304, to let folks know that I am here, happy to sew for you!

I just want to make beautiful things with my clients, and I want to know you are a creative soul, and that’s it!

If you are interested in meeting amazing business owners who are members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community here in Ottawa, come stop by!

And if you would like to get a 20% discount on your tickets < Trade Show and AfterParty>, use this code:

when you purchase your tickets online here!



The After Party will feature Chad Michaels..

Couture Journey: Fantasy Gown

Michelle’s Fantasy Gown – Full Renovation
Labour Approx $950-$1200

Michelle was one of my last amazing brides that I met through Norde Bridal in 2017.  When Erin asked me if I would be comfortable adding lights to the skirt of a dress, I was ecstatic too have the opportunity!  And when I met Michelle, I knew we were on the same page and would have a blast together!!  I will be creating a more detailed post in the future on the who process, for now – a concise overview!

Special thank you to Michelle for providing the photos, other than the cinderella carriage one – I got that at the Capital Wedding show! Isnt’ she stunning?

Michelle’s gown was purchased when she was a larger size, and while it was a good canvas for her final vision, it was NOT EXACTLY what she wanted.

The “Renovations” for her dress involved both major re-sizing and redesigning, including: taking in sides and reshaping the bustline, lowering the back neckline, lengthening the satin underskirt, adding pale pink and purple tulle to the skirt, and creating a strong 3 point bustle.

And the glorious bonus – adding 4 battery powered strips of lights  to the skirt and determining a plan for how this can work.


  • 6m tulle in each colour
  • .5m satin
  • 4 battery packs of light strips and batteries
  • Purchased Hoop skirt

Couture Journey -Steam/Theme Resize gown* with Matching Hat

Steam/Theme Resize gown* with Customized Matching Hat
Labour $600-$750

Linda’s Gown shows how a vintage dress < this is a TAV Creations piece from the mid 90s for an old west theme wedding> can be re-fit into a different size while maintaining most of the original look.

The size modifications included creating a new bodice from part of the original train, attaching it to the overskirt, creating one solid dress with straps that allow for a regular bra. The lace trim was reapplied with pearl detailing to continue the original feeling.

The over jacket was slightly modified to change up the closure in front, keeping the essence of the button detailing and changing the sleeve fit slightly, again maintaining the button closure at the wrist.

The train was re-finished at a shortened length, still detachable for dancing later.

TAV Creations Bespoke hat
Labour $150-$200

This satin top hat nods gently to the original theme of an old west wedding, while also blowing a kiss to today’s steampunk themes, and allowing for the addition of the “old/Borrowed” broach detailing.


  • 1m Fabric
  • .75 m pellon
  • 1.25m Wire
  • Russian netting – .75m

*Original Gown Bespoke to client’s taste:
Labour $2000-$2500

Strapped bodice into overskirt with bow and bustle attached;
Lace over jacket that closed in the centre front,
Detachable train.


  • Satin:4m
  • Lace: 6m
  • Buttons, zipper, pearls etc.


Couture Journey-Glam Goth Ball Gown with Bespoke Hat

Glam Goth Ball Gown with Bespoke Hat
Labour: Gown $1100 -$1500 plus Embellishment $300-$600

Jennica’s gown is a full length, mid-size skirted ball gown. The fitted bodice follows the curves down past the waist, featuring multi-spaghetti strap detailing into the embellished collar.

Ribbon embroidery and iridescent crystals are hand stitched onto the bodice and collar in an original design and can be modified based on the preferences of the client.  The side panel corseting detail allows for some flexibility of size change and the zipper opening allows for simplicity. It is worn with a strapless bra, which is suggested, but can be built in for a custom gown.

The skirt features a flat fit at the dropped waist seam, descending into organic scrunching to create texture and flow.


  • Fabric 8 m total <1m bodice plus 7m for skirt >
  • .75 m interlining
  • .75 m interfacing
  • 2m lining @150 cm
  • 1.5m lining/broadcloth
  • 12 m tulle
  • 6m crinoline < built into dress – can wear a purchased one>
  • Notions – zipper, hook and eye, thread, 4.5 m horsehair
  • Boning 3m

Matching Bespoke Hat
Labour $150-$200


  • 1m Fabric
  • .75 m pellon
  • 1.25m Wire


Couture Journey – RE-STYLE and Re-Fit

Labour $350-$450

Katheryne’s dress is an example of a re-fit and re-style option.

The original dress < made by TAV Creations in the late 90s> was slightly large and had full shoulders. With a bit of discussing, it was decided that a portrait neckline would showcase her shoulders in a more flattering style.

The original dress was the correct size, needing only minor tailoring adjustments to fit more smoothly; boning and cups were added to better support the new design.


  • Boning 3m
  • Cups
  • Elastic .5m


*Original Gown: made to Client’s taste:
Labour: Gown $1100-$1500 plus Embellishment $200-$300


  • Brocade: 2.5m
  • Lining: 2.5m
  • Chiffon: 5m
  • Beaded fringe: 2m
  • Lace trim 3.5m
  • zipper
  • Boning 3m
  • Cups
  • Elastic .5m

Couture Journey – Retro Goth-A-Billy Gown

Retro “ Goth-a Billy” Party gown
Labour $650-$800

Christina’s Dress is an original design by TAV Creations based on retro/pin-up style lines.

The fitted bodice and circular skirt flatter most figures and the full straps allow the bride to feel secure in a regular bra. 

The scrunched portrait collar adds an element of luxury and elegance, while being removable to allow for that extra freedom and versatility for later on during the festivities, or an option for future wearability.  The lace appliqué detailing connects the collar to the dress in a subtle and discrete blending.




  • Fabric total 6m < 4.5m red; 1.5m burgundy>
  • Interlining .75 m
  • Horsehair for hem 4.5m
  • Tulle for collar .75m
  • Zipper
  • Hook and eye
  • Lace appliques

Fascinator in black
– personalized with matching fabric $30-$40




Couture Journey – Winter Wonderland Coat


Winter Wonderland Coat:
Labour $350-$500

Andrea’s bridal coat represents an option to dress up an existing dress or add to a full ensemble custom concept.

The unlined jacket features some fun body flattering shaping with princess seams into pleats. The high low hem shows off the skirt while still creating a formal look.


  • Fabric 3m
  • Lace appliques – 4 pair
  • Hooks and eyes


The matching hair florals
Labour $90-$120

Made from the coat fabric to be either separately pinned into the hair or all in one piece.


“Ursula” Base Gown:
Labour unlined gown: $600-$900

Or – Adding upper bodice on existing strapless dress $150-$300

Andrea’s Ursula gown represents the possibility of adding upper bodice coverage to strapless gowns, the flattering lines of a princess style dress, and the options of having long sleeves in a slightly stretching fabric added to a solid gown.  With the added coverage, a regular bra can be worn.

Ursula – photo by Jared Young


  • Satin: 3m
  • Upper contrast fabric: 1m
  • Zipper
  • Horsehair 4m