Level 3 sewing lesson information

Level 3:

Implementing the techniques learned in levels 1 and 2, students will start exploring their own projects with Tracey’s guidance. Having attended all previous levels is not a prerequisite, but some basic knowledge is a must and access to a working sewing machine is important.  

Project suggestions:

  • bring in alterations and repairs and  learn how to alter hands on
  • bring in sample fabric to practice techniques they wish to perfect { this would include working with knits, textured fabrics, etc.
  • bring in a pattern they wish to try

Each student should have and bring to each class: 


  • Their chosen project{s}
  • note taking system { pen and paper/ ipod/ whatever}

Optional – but really helpful

  1. basic sewing book – Look for one similar to these:

-Vogue®/Butterick Step-by-Step Guide to Sewing Techniques

-Readers Digest:The New Complete Guide to Sewing

-Singer Complete photo guide to sewing – possibly available for kobo through Chapters.

Sewing kit which should contain:

  • GOOD fabric scissors
  • pins
  • hand sewing needles
  • thread for both basting and good thread matching their project fabrics
  • ruler/straight edge – at least 12 inches long
  • marking pencils or tailor’s chalk
  • Measuring tape {plus measurement sheet from level 2- will be provided for new folk}

Working sewing machine, if possible. For those who cannot bring their machine to class, one is provided for use in class.

Day 1: Bring all of the Basic Supplies and projects.

Projects discussed and a plan of action for each person will be established.

Homework: will be different for each person, but some practice should be done at home in preparation for the next class.

Day 2 and Day 3: Continuation of each students’ projects 

This course will have a fluid nature, since each project brought in will determine the direction we go in each week. Feel free to bring in your questions of all sorts, and we’ll cover as much as we can each class and be prepared to do some work at home each week  to progress!


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