While I am fully booked…

AS you may have noticed either from an auto-response – or visiting my landing page, I am fully booked for the next while and am unable to assist you in your sewing needs.

I do know of a few creative should who also sew and may be able to help you out.

Feel free to reach out to them and if it is mutually in sync timing and instinct wise, off you go!

Roxane < West end>: by phone: 613-726-9067 or email: roxanekw@gmail.com

Gailene < Downtown>: Email is preferred: gling@gailene.com or call/txt 613-797-4068

Edith < South/ Greenboro> idzit@hotmail.com Ph:613-725-7884 < limited availability, contact for more info>

Ivy < East end> BY phone or email: 613-745-2349 or iploughman@aol.com

Robin < West end>: <available mid-July>https://www.facebook.com/WolfravenApparel  

Christina Zeigler <Manotick> :  Christina.zeigler@gmail.com  (613)327-1869 < unavailable until October> 

My schedule will open up again in early September, so if you are not in a. rush, I would be happy to help you out when things are back rocking and rolling in my studio!